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A trilogy of workshops. Available as 2hr masterclasses.

The moon practice is a deep, challenging and nourishing practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating calmness and stability of both body and mind. Awareness is guided onwards to touch the pure space that exists beyond the thinking mind. Moon practice is the foundation of all Tantric Hatha practices that follow. Always take the moon with you. This practice is ideal for people who have a busy life and or mind, feel anxious or ungrounded, who are quick to react, who are not sleeping or digesting well.

Sun is about energy management, and developing a deeper relationship to Prana, the energy / life giving force. It's this balance between cultivating the power we need to shine and the sensitivity we need to touch the into the subtle realms. Here we introduce deeper tantric practices such as bandhas and mudras to increase energy within the body. A calm mind is needed. This practice is ideal for people who are ready to work more on an energetic level and who are already mentally grounded, stable and calm.


Igniting the radiant power of soul and adding all elements to the practice. Bringing the stability of the mind, and cultivating energy, we burn through limitations and safely call upon the dormant forces at the base of the spine, Kundalini. An emphasis is on the cultivation of internal heat in the navel centre, with complimenting awareness to draw that energy into the spine (the inner pathway to the infinite). This practice is ideal if you are feeling physically and mentally balanced, your world view embraces yoga as a spiritual practice and you are truly ready to embrace your greatness!





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