Yoga teacher group mentoring.

How is your yoga teaching progressing?

Do you want to refine or enhance your teaching skills and receive valuable and objective feedback to understand your strengths and areas to work on?

Come join myself and a bunch of other super keen teachers to who are looking to improve their teaching skills. A safe environment will be created for you to really explore your edge of teaching and help yourself to move towards creating impactful and inspiring yoga classes that make a difference.

Chris is a studio owner who has been mentoring teachers for the past 7 years and has facilitated many training and practical assessments as part of certified yoga teacher trainings.


Group feedback & coaching session:

- semi-private mentoring session conducted over a 2.5 hour session

- limited to only 4 teachers

- each teacher will have 20 mins teaching time, where you will teach part of a practice and

the group will do your class.

- you will then receive 5-10 mins of feedback from each of member of the group and


- It’s also a great teaching tool to learn how to give constructive feedback to others.

Areas that will be covered:

- Sequence (make sense)

- Philosophy (make sense, land)

- Flow (fast slow, stuck, rigid)

- Breath (present, fast slow)

- Alignment (cues make sense, land)

- Space (yay or nay)

- Energy (Elements, language, vayus)

COST: $75 per person.

Spaces are strictly limited to 4 teachers.

1:1 private yoga.

Consciousness just wants to be seen. When seen it comes alive.


Yoga is an amazing wholistic practice that can be used as a vehicle to enhance all aspects of our life. With the tools of movement, conscious breath, intention and sound we’re able to target body, mind and spirit.

The advantage of private sessions is that you can get 1:1 attention tailored to your specific needs, goals or desires. Be it physical strength, mind body connection, quietening of the mind, decrease stress or increase innate power, these sessions will begin to awaken you to your greatness within.

Some areas of focus could include:

- Work on particular poses, understanding the alignment and functionality

- Physical weaknesses to bring body back into energetic balance

- Decrease anxiety & stress

- Improve concentration & meditation practice

- Increase energy for less stagnation

- Improve circulation & immunity

- Increase your relationship with Prana (life force energy)


Private sessions: $150 per hr

Personal sadhana practice.

Sadhana is a personal discipline with a means of achieving something. Usually lasting 40 days of practice, it will help you to create longer lasting change and deeper connection to your innate sacredness.

Following completion of a questionnaire and brief phone consult a tailored practice will be designed to bring aspects of your life back into balance.

Using all the tools of the Tantra Hatha practice, such as asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, kumbhaka (breath retention), bundha & mudra anything is possible.

You will be guided through your tailored practice once per week with a video and or audio recording to follow and  practice everyday. Available in studio or online.       



Whether you’re a yoga teacher or private practitioner, chris hosts a variety of tailored mentoring sessions to refine your practice.


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