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Available as a 3hr workshop.

Are you looking for some guide lines, some structure in your life?

A system to follow that will help you discover all of you and live your best life?

Join Chris on this journey of the 8 limbs of yoga.

This magical system was put together by an incredible wise man thousands of years ago. Patanjali’s yoga sutras contains this 8-fold path towards samadi, enlightenment. The ultimate state of consciousness.

Living our daily lives by the yamas and niyamas creates a clear consciousness, leaving minimal energetic blocks to navigate around. Laying a solid foundation for us to then work on the more subtle realms of our being. By becoming aware of our limitations, we can then choose to release them.

This work shop will be educational and experiential. The more we understand intellectually and embody the learnings we can remember and come back to our centre more readily, efficiently and quickly.

We will discuss, journal, and practice asana, pranayama and meditation so bring your journal, your open mind, body and heart. Let’s all enjoy this journey together.






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